Great article by Jon Ostrow at Mic Control.

Jon looks at why video on YouTube is so crucial to your promotional efforts and what types of video you can make to maximise the ways that fans can find, watch and listen to your music.

Think about it – if a blog takes your song and uploads it to hulkshare or even uses a track embedding plugin on their blog, people can listen to your music but the road ends there. However, if you give bloggers the opportunity to share your music through a Youtube video, you are giving ALL of their readers the opportunity to not just listen, but turn around and share the video with their friends as well. And of course, many blog readers are themselves bloggers, who find new music through a blog they follow, and then turn around and promote the same artist. With a Youtube video being the piece de resistance, you have significantly increased the likelihood of a feature from multiple bloggers.

Read the whole piece here.