I know that I owe someone for pointing me to this, but, sorry, I can’t remember who!

It’s a great video that sets out 7 ways that your songs can make you money – and it makes the very good point that once they are out there earning money they will do so up to your demise and beyond – meaning that a somewhat successful musician has a retirement plan built into their songs!

Obviously, they need to be good to get that kind of income.

So, watch the video and learn the 7 ways that your songs can make you money.

And then, go and check out Sentric Music if you’re in the UK and Song Trust if you’re in the States. Both these companies offer a great service and will publish your songs no matter whether you’re signed or not or how successful you are. One takes a commission on what they collect – at a very fair rate – and the other charges a small monthly fee.

Crucially, neither takes your rights from you. So, should you get a hit record or your career takes off some other way you can finish your deal with them and do a ‘big money’ deal with a major publisher – if you want to.

I really like the guys at Sentric – it’s a great service and very fair. I don’t know the Song Trust people but I hear similar good things.

Write songs, get them published, collect money – another basic part of the plan for all musicians.

Watch the video here.