Well, the first reason (so that makes 9) is because everyone who knows what they’re talking about says so!

I just got off the phone with an artist asking me to manage them. Good online presence with 50,000 YouTube views and 1500 fans on Facebook. He wanted to know what he should do to sell his album that he’s just completed.

I asked where his site was and how many fans he had signed up to his mailing list from there.


Well, then, I don’t think you’re going to be able to sell your album yet!

You need a band website as the place on the web that you control, the hub of your activity and where you can build your email list of fans who are going to be the bedrock of your support.

Facebook and Twitter (and others) are great for regular engagement and are vital but having your own place to focus activity on is ESSENTIAL.

Michael Brandvold explains this in more detail on the Mic Control site here.

It’s 2011 and you would think it is obvious why you need your own website. I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had where the other party says “I have a MySpace page, or I have a Facebook page or I have a Reverbnation page… I don’t need a website.” Or how many people have their own website, but spend all their efforts driving everyone to Facebook. All they seem to care about is how many Likes they can get. You should care about how many visits you get to your website. Some people don’t look at a website as a significant part of their business or brand. They may see it as a afterthought, something they guess they should do. If you were to open your own restrauant is the building and location that last thing you would think about? It is your future, everything you hope to achieve depends on it. Your website is your bit of real estate on the internet and it will be yours potentially forever. Make sure you treat your online presence with all the seriousness you can.

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