I left a long comment on this post at The DIY Musician yesterday – in which I said that if your attempts to build a fanbase by giving away music for free weren’t working, the most likely reason is that your music isn’t good enough.


I mean it, but I don’t mean that you should therefore give up.

But, rather than pushing all the time to get people to like what you have already done, reflect on why they might not be biting.

And, if you decide that I’m right, and it’s because you’re not good enough (yet), then go back to the drawing board, learn some more skills, hone your talent and come back for round 2 and round 3 and round 1005, just like Colonel Sanders did with his fried chicken recipe.

If you want it bad enough and you are prepared to work hard at it, those failures are what will drive you to improve until you are good enough to achieve your aim.

And that’s what this post on BitRebels wants to point out. That failure is an essential component of eventual success.

It’s well worth looking at the videos in the piece and getting encouragement from them, like the one at the end of this piece.

Everyone in life faces failures ever now and then. It’s part of being alive and being human. However, I know from experience, when we are actually going through the trying times, it’s no fun. The hardest battles we face in life are with ourselves, and there is nothing more challenging than going out into the world each day with a smile when you want to give up on the inside.

However, I want to promise you that whatever failures in your life you might be going through right now, with tenacity and perseverance, you will either eventually succeed or they will lead you to another opportunity and a different door will open.

Read the whole piece here.

And here’s why Michael Jordan was a huge success – watch the video here.