I said the other day that I was getting freaked out by the pace of change at Facebook and then they go and slide out another new feature on the quiet!

Facebook Questions is the new way to poll your Fan page friends – and it’s ace.

Accessed from the same place as the status bar, it’s incredibly easy to set up and poll your fans.

Great to use for asking for suggestions for your set-list, or where and when to play or a myriad of other things, this is a cracking new tool for musicians to use on Facebook.

Yes, you could run polls before but the way that this has been made so easy and shows up in the feeds of all your fans’ friends is new.

I think it might end up suffering from overuse, but, use it wisely and when there’s a real reason to do so and it’s another little tool for your promotional kit.

The virality of questions and the prominence Facebook is placing within newsfeeds and notifications should capture the attention of brands with fan pages.  Questions are a utility specifically built not just to facilitate a fan page to ask a question to a base of their fans, but for that question to go a network beyond, and further if possible. This is an exciting engagement opportunity for branded pages to utilize.

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