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This post is written from the point of view of the fan buying music and advising them which way will return the most cash to the artist.

But, as a basic primer for you, the artist, it works just as well.

And, in short, what it tells you is that the direct sale to the fan is the one that will make you the most cash. Sort of obvious, but it reminds me that Ian Rogers of Topspin says that you’re not in the business of selling 79 pence / cents single track downloads. It just doesn’t work.

You’re in the business of selling the music experience of your band to the core element of your fanbase – and that starts with selling CD’s or album downloads to them. Learn about the direct to fan model from Topspin, Nimbit (this link is their direct to fan training) or Bandcamp.

Say your favorite band is putting out a new album and you’ve decided to buy it. You want to make sure that when you do, the band gets as much of your money as possible. Where do you shop? Best Buy? Your local record store? iTunes?

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