Great article from Ariel Hyatt that sets out steps that you should take if you have a track licensed for use in a TV series, commercial or a movie.

People will go looking for it and if you follow these steps, you will be far more likely to convert the people that hear it and look you up because they liked it.

I have been guilty of not following this through myself and reading this struck a chord!

If you get lucky enough for this to happen for you – be prepared!

A few weeks ago I got a tweet from Mr. Robotic, asking if I could include him in my In Defense of 1,000 True Fans series.  I love meeting people via social media, and what follows is the first artist who has approached me to tell his own story.  It’s the perfect roadmap of how to take full advantage precious TV placements.  Instead of the usual interview, I’m combining my “How To” article format (Sound Advice) with this In Defense of 1,000 True Fans piece, giving you an action plan.

Read the whole piece here.