Songkick is rapidly becoming my favourite gig listing site and it’s automated features have a huge amount to offer the diy musician.

Firstly, although you can log-in and create an account to list your own shows, Songkick is constantly scouring the web for live show data and may well import this info automatically – it will do this if you have reached any significant size.

And then, they are rolling out loads of partners who will use the data that they have to populate their own sites – so far including Facebook and Soundcloud.

See this on Facebook – where you can have a tab auto-populated with gigs and links to buy tickets.

And this on Soundcloud.

It will also auto-import into Bandcamp and your own site (especailly easy if that is running on WordPress).

Well worth a look and something that we’d recommend any band with a few hundred following to check out. It’s only going to get better.