I read this article and thought that it’s content was good enough – if fairly obvious.

But, reading it made me go and check out the Facebook Fan Page of all 10 people that it cites – Eminem, Gaga, Bieber etc.

And, that’s where I learnt some stuff.

If these people and their major label team are doing something, using specific apps, selling vs not selling on Facebook, then I’m watching and learning. I’d recommend you have a look see too.

What have I learned?

Well, the iFrame is BIG news – you can make a tab do whatever you want and these people that have coders and designers on hand are doing just that. We’ll look at iFrame’s on the main site next week.

They mostly like a streaming application – such as UStream – and they’re up for having discussions and polls on their pages – all driving engagement and interaction.

Have look and see what apps they’re using and see how much of their game you can transpose to your Fan Page.

Check the 10 examples here.