Image by Rosaura Ochoa

This a really handy 10 point list on how to approach social media as a musician.

It’s not so much a ‘how to’, more of a ‘why for’, if that makes sense.

Still, it’s really good and I’d go as far as to say that the thinking behind it should inform your social media use.

But for many artists, social media remains something they choose not to fully delve into. Some find it too overwhelming; with the constant posting of content onto the countless platforms and would much rather spend their time creating music.

Others may even be ready to actively engage in social media, but have no idea how to properly utilize each platform. 

Nancy Baym, a professor of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas recently wrote a fantastic piece entitled “Engaging Fans Through Social Media.”

In it, she explains how musicians and audiences can build symbiotic relationships that can nurture and sustain one another over the long haul.

The following 10 points summarize Baym’s key ideas on how to maximize your social media effectiveness:

Read the post and get the much more in depth pdf here.