This article is written by Michael Fiebach, whose posts on how he implemented DTF for DJ Shadow were fantastic.

Read them here:

Shadow part 1

Shadow part 2

Shadow part 3

This one is possibly even better!

You could read this article and dip into the ones on DJ Shadow above and you’d have a pretty thorough understanding of what a direct-to-fan campaign consists of.

And, like Michael, I love the opportunity presented to the DIY musician by direct-to-fan platforms. Building your fanbase by bringing them closer to you and then giving them what they want.

What’s not to like!

We captured over 5,000 email addresses in 3 days, and they are still rolling in. We doubled up on our goal of 2,500 emails, and Team OCD certainly has the beginning of a viable business. The bulk of the emails came from the Topspin “Email for Media” widget embedded at and The Facebook tab, but we also had a nice rush of emails that came into Bandcamp. I thought it was important to have both assets (Topspin and Bandcamp) available, because it gave us the ability to promote both links at separate times, and also gives people who like or prefer bandcamp, the opportunity to use that portal… The more assets to promote, the more of a chance that someone will click that button.

Please go and read the whole post here!

And here’s the band he’s working with in this article.