I’ve been using Topspin for a little over a year and have learnt a huge amount about the platform and also the methods that work when you are trying to build a two-way relationship with your fans.

Let’s just say that DTF is going to work for you if you already have some momentum and, crucially, if you, the artist, get involved and want to see it work.

If you leave it to the ‘manangement’ or the ‘office’, you might as well not bother!

That said, Topspin looks set to be ‘the Daddy’ when it becomes available to all artists this month.

Eric Hebert has written a great piece about the opportunities that this presents to all artists.

Well it looks like Topspin’s up coming public release just might be the real solution I’m looking for. Now, I’ve been keeping an eye on Topspin for years now, and have a kind of love/hate relationship with the service. I LOVE the widgets and overall look of the tools they have, they are very well designed, fast loading, look very customizable, have no branding whatsoever, etc.

The HATE part comes from simply not being allowed to use the service, as I’ve never had a client with an established fan base to meet the Topspin requirement. For years Topspin seemed to only cater their service to somewhat established acts. In a way I guess I was always just jealous that I wasn’t established enough to be in the cool kids club.

Read the whole piece here.

Is Topspin that good?


But, I’m still waiting for the killer platform. Topspin is not as good as an email system as the best (such as Aweber). It needs better automated follow-ups (known as autoresponders) and better segmentation so that you can follow up with people who do or don’t open your emails. Plus, you have to enter much of your music’s metadata to use Topspin so it would make sense if it could distribute to iTunes and other digital stores as well. And thirdly, it doesn’t auto-integrate with Facebook like RootMusic or DamntheRadio. It would be great if it did!

I reckon Topspin knows about these three things and will maybe bring them in.

If not, then that’s the killer platform that we’re waiting for – Topspin plus those three!