Following on from the previous post which highlighted how many artists don’t have their own band website, is this great post from Ariel Hyatt.

Astonished by the number of artists that she met on a trip to Australia who had no web presence of their own, she put together this great guide on how to get a WordPress based site up and working in no time and at very little cost.

It’s well worth checking out the older post on Music Think Tank that she links to in the first few lines as well – it proves the need for multiple online presences.

I got a slap in the face in Perth, Australia two weeks ago.  I went there to talk about Apps, Foursquare, and advanced web marketing strategies.

I had many one-on-one sessions with artists and a vast majority had a big problem:

They didn’t have web sites.

When I say they don’t have web sites, I mean they’re only using MySpace and Facebook.  Which is a critical mistake. See here why:

I’m not saying this to make anyone wrong or to be righteous.   Websites, as I soon found out in Australia, are very expensive to build with local web designers. A few artists showed me quotes of $5,000 for a website. It’s not 1997 anymore and those quotes are not OK.

An effective website can be created $20 or less a month with no upfront costs

Read the whole post here.

And, if you do go the WordPress route (which we think you should) it might well be worth your while investing $47 in this great WordPress Theme that makes building your band website very easy. Specifically designed for musicians, it is very easy to use.

Learn more about it here.