There are a bunch of people making apps for mobiles for artists – most notably Mobile Roadie.

But, Fantrail seems to be that bit different.

Firstly, it’s free, which most other app creators aren’t (Get-Ctrl being another notable exception – check them out!), but it also seems to be coming up with a bunch of new ideas on how to engage your fans more directly – such as voice messages to selected fans – even to one individual fan.

It’s a promising way to build your fanbase – and with it being free, it’s well worth a look.

Mashable did an overview earlier today:

Enter FanTrail. The service is basically a method by which artists can easily create an iPhone app (Android is on the way) for their fans — for free. Every app has the same elements, which let fans garner rewards for their devotion.

Artists simply sign up for the service via the website (provided they have an Apple ID), after which it creates an app that is placed in the App Store. In the app, artists are outfitted with a dashboard that they can use to post news and events, update Twitter, Facebook, etc. all at once, push announcements, see where fans are located on a map using geolocation and send personally recorded messages to followers. Right now, one must do all of this within the app, as there will be no web version until the next iteration of the service.

Read the whole piece here.

And here’s a link to the Fantrail site and their demo video.


FanTrail Introduction from FanTrail on Vimeo.