I just saw this article on the DIY musician and I realised that I’d never posted about it before.

But it’s a killer little technique for getting your music genuinely heard and purchased. It’s something that you should be doing to promote your music.

As Cameron Mizell says in that post:

I’ve stumbled across a way to sell my music on iTunes to hundreds of people that otherwise have never heard of me without getting any page space or paying for advertising. This has become quite successful for me, and I hope it can help you, and we can all help each other. All you need is an iTunes account. Here’s the deal:

iTunes allows you to publish playlists that you create (on the left side of iTunes). The playlists can be rated from 1-5 stars by other customers, and top rated playlists appear on the page for every album that has a song in the playlist.

Read the whole post here.

However, Cameron had already gone into lots more detail when this function of iTunes was called the ‘iMix’, on his own blog.

Read this post for the full ‘how to’

And, that reminded me that the first time I read about this technique was on Ariel Hyatt’s blog – and you should definitely check this out too.