We looked at how important to musicians the introduction of Facebook comments on third party sites is going to be in this post on Friday.

You really ought to check it out.

I just read up a bit more and found this post by Mari Smith – a real FB expert.

It shows you step by step how it works with screenshots like that one above.

BUT, she also has two little tips that made this post worthwhile.

1. If you comment as your Page on Facebook, always sign off in your name – that makes it much less spammy.

2. Add or change your employer in your personal profile to your Fan Page. This is right at the bottom of her piece but don’t miss it. I hadn’t done this but it’s well worth doing to drive traffic to your Page. If you’re in a band, make the band the employer and it’ll be shown in all off-site comments that you make with your personal profile (as opposed to Page) and on your profile on the new Faecbook layout. Well worth doing.

Read her in depth post here.