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Is the way that you’re using your Facebook Fan page making you real fans or are you just pissing people off?

Loren Weisman writes on all sorts of issues affecting aspiring artists and his style is unflinchingly direct and honest. I really like it.

You know that facebook page you always check in on?

The one that has interesting updates, good videos, great blogs and cool pictures?

You know that one that even if you don’t see an update on your main page, you will still type in that page just to check in?

Now how about this for another set of questions….

You know that page you can’t stand?

The one that puts up the worst stuff, over posts, has those multiple repeat posts of the same updated two to four times, spams you with show schedules, invites to groups over and over again, excess hype and other annoying updates?

And for whatever reason, you have you have not unfriended them.  Whether it is being nice or feeling guilty or maybe you have unfriended them and they added you again and you accepted them. Maybe you keep them as a friend but you block them and honestly have no idea what they are up to.

Now the real question.

Which one are you?

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