This week Facebook launched its new commenting system for third party sites.

This is a truly incredible opportunity for all musicians who have a Facebook Fan Page.

In truth, I am quite freaked out about how good and how fast are the changes that Facebook is implementing.

I’ve linked to two articles that are both worth reading and there’s two videos below as well.

But, here’s the two key points.

If you use Facebook Comments on your musician website, anyone who comments will have that comment appear in their Facebook News feed, and any replies made on Facebook to that comment will appear on your site. So, all their mates will see that they like your band.


And, if you want to leave a comment on that blog that you love that talks about your music genre, you can do so as your band Fan Page and there will be a very obvious link back to the Fan Page where people will be able to find your music – and it won’t look spammy.

Double Bingo!

These are HUGE opportunities.

We’ll be adding Facebook comments to our music marketing blog asap (whilst retaining a traditional ‘ordinary’ commenting system as well).

You’d be mad to not make use of this development.

Please take the time to look at these – it’s well worth your while.

Techcrunch article

Facebook specialist article

Facebook Launch video

Facebook marketer’s video