Good little article on the basic steps you need to take to get the most out of your online music promotion.

I’m a massive fan of the approach talked about here in approaching blogs as part of your promotional foundation (don’t forget @cbracco’s brilliant eBook on this).

Think of your online media campaign as equivalent to gigging. Playing in front of lots of small audiences will build up to a larger fanbase. This in turn will get you gigs in front of bigger audiences and so on. In the same way, start with the smaller, niche blogs and e-zines to gain the exposure that will make larger sites take notice of you.

Be prepared to give stuff away. This will remain true for the whole of your career, but particularly at the beginning. People will only pay for stuff if they want it. If they’ve never heard your music, they won’t know if they want it yet.

The internet is brimming with free tools and opportunities for promoting your music, in a way that just wasn’t possible with traditional media. A little bit of know-how (and a lot of time) can get you a long way.

I’d actually recommend interacting with the blogs that you find using theirs and Chris Bracco’s methods for a while before emailing them, but the principle is a key one that all artists should be embracing.

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