I’m still trying to finish our series on how to run your band mailing list – the two parts that are up already are well worth a look though.

The service that we recommend for running the ultimate fan email list is Aweber. There are other music-industry focused services that are really good (Fanbridge being the most obvious), but we feel that Aweber is the most powerful email system – that it wasn’t made for musicians isn’t the point. They do email list management and they do it very well. By all means, use another option – and many integrate in other applications, like Nimbit and Topspin – but as a stand-alone, Aweber is the daddy!

However, this article on their site makes us think that they are looking at artists very seriously and thinking that their service is right for us.

The article looks at why so many artists, even if they are collecting email, don’t use that asset properly.

It’s got some great stuff in it – and in the comments.

A few months ago, we stumbled onto Nine Inch Nails’ creative campaign. We wanted to see what other bands were doing, so we signed up for their emails.

Well, they’re not doing much. Most of their messages are infrequent and uninspired. Worse, many bands haven’t sent anything at all.

Why is this? I’ve got some theories of my own. And then I want to hear what you have to say.

Read the whole post (and the comments!) here.