Thank God for Chris Bracco’s TightMix blog!

No, seriously.

There’s a few people giving great advice to aspiring musicians on the web but Chris Bracco’s blog does that and more – because he has technical skills (i.e. he’s a Geek!), he can give simple tutorials that are absolutely essential for artists learning how to do tricky web stuff that will help them promote their music.

He had the definitive guide to creating custom tabs on Facebook but has updated it so that the future use of iFrames will be something that you can deal with.

A couple weeks ago, Facebook announced some really big changes to their Facebook pages. In my previous article, however, I neglected to mention one major change.

On March 11, 2011, the Static FBML application will no longer be available for Facebook pages, and no new FBML applications can be created after that date. Existing Static FBML and FBML tab applications will continue to function for now, but if you want to create any new custom tabs for your page, Facebook strongly encourages everyone start using iframe-based applications instead.

Basically, this renders my old tutorial and template (and most popular article) completely useless. A bummer, I know, but we shall overcome. Onward with the new hotness!

Go there – read it and bookmark it.

It is ESSENTIAL for your future use of Facebook.