I know that we covered this last week – several times!

But, I keep finding new posts that teach new things and this is a cracker. The best to date, in fact, and a must read.

Not only is it the best in-depth guide to the new Facebook Pages, but it also has a few things in it that I have never seen before.

The big one is a method that will allow you to make a ‘Welcome’ tab on your page (or a ‘landing page’) in which the ‘Like’ button is embedded rather than having to point to it with a big arrow. And, it’s done using an iframe rather than FBML, so it’ll work if you only decide to do it after Facebook closes down new FBML tabs next month.

A landing page has proven over and over to increase ‘like’ conversions on your page and is well worth your time and effort.

We’ll be adding one to our page with a tutorial in a couple of week’s time.

For now, check this post out and think about using the method they set out for your landing page on Facebook.

Here are a few tricks I’ll reveal in this post:

  • A way to embed a Like button and other social programs into any tab (no more arrows pointing to the like button at the top of the page)
  • A potential way to pre-moderate (i.e., review before they are posted) every user comment left on your Page
  • How to comment and Like items on Facebook as your Page and not just as you personally
  • Better control the order of your Wall posts and how users see the Wall

You can read these awesome tips here.