Image by Rennett Stowe

Great article on the renamed and relocated Ravenous Raven songwriters blog – now just SongwritingLab.

It’s a site that you ought to be checking regularly for in-depth advice to help you become a better songwriter.

They polled their readers and discovered that the number one problem facing songwriters was….procrastination.

Simply knuckling down and geting something started (let alone finished) appears to be the issue.

So what is procrastination? Essentially it is the problem of always putting something off and not being able to get around to it. So it seems that the world is full of songwriters or potential songwriters who are just finding it really hard to sit down and write.

So what causes procrastination and specifically what causes it amongst songwriters and why is it so common? We suspect a few things are going on here:

The post then goes on to hand out some useful tips to help you find the time to make writing part of your day.

Read them here.