I had a real spate of YouTube posts a month or so ago – and today I couldn’t resist this one from the BBC.

It’s a great review of how several unsigned artists are making a living almost entirely from their activities on YouTube.

You might not want to build your name around covers or what some would see as more comedy than music, but you can’t deny that there are things you can learn from these artists and their YouTube activity.

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A growing number of musicians are establishing their careers on YouTube, with little or no financial outlay. Last year, an unsigned band from New York even entered the Billboard charts courtesy of their online fanbase.

The Gregory Brothers first came to attention with their “auto-tune the news” series, where political debates and press conferences were transformed into miniature operas, thanks to pitch-shifting computer software.

The Gregory Brothers insert themselves into news footage to duet with political leaders.

Early videos saw Hilary Clinton singing about Somalian pirates, while the US Congress debated climate change as a call-and-response gospel song.

“Singing is happening all the time when we’re talking, but our brains are just too feeble to parse it as music,” explains Michael Gregory. “I can change that in the studio.”

The clips, equal parts technical experiment and political satire, became a word-of-mouth success, much to the band’s surprise.

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And here’s a video from the Gregory Brothers to illustrate the point.