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We wrote a little piece about the need for networking offline as well as online a few months ago.

And then I had a bit of a revelation this morning because of a few gigs and events that I’d been to over the last month.

In the UK, there’s a publication that will tell you where all the players in the music industry will be on any given night – there might be one for the US and other countries but I don’t know it (Anyone?).

It’s very London-centric, but then so is the UK mainstream music busines.

Even if you’re a committed DIY musician, you can benefit from networking with people in the music business. If major label A&R men aren’t your target, if you hang out in the right places, you’ll run into PR people, music bloggers, journos, agents, promoters, producers and more.

It’s well worth it.

Go to Record of the Day and right there in the middle of the screen is their ‘Gig of the Day’.

It’s a given that it’ll be in London, but if it’s a new band in small venue, you can be sure that it will be teeming with industry bods. Be there. Meet people.

Don’t overdo it and shove CD’s at everyone. Just be normal and ask questions. Don’t immediately tell everyone that you’re in a band. Maybe don’t tell them at all. Once they’ve seen you around a bit, they’ll ask you!

BTW, you might fancy signing up for their two week free trial as well. The daily email that you then get sent lists the gigs and a lot of their in-depth features are good too. It’s paid, after that at £150 per year. Steep, but if you’re a UK musician, it’s probably worth it.

Another one that is well worth being at is Music Week’s Breakout at the Proud Galleries, monthly. Much bigger than most of the RoD tips – 900 plus people – but, generally what is termed an ‘A&R fest’!

Of course, wherever you are in the world, if you hear that a local band is attracting attention from industry players, be at that gig – blag the support slot if you can!

Another great article on networking can be found on the ever excellent We All Make Music blog.

I don’t agree with it wholesale, but I do agree with it’s conclusions about using networking opportunities to ask questions and learn from those in the know.