Pretty much every musician wants to jack in the drudgery of the day job and be the full-time rock star – or perhaps just the self funded artist!

We wrote about that dilemma in this piece on the main blog – You’re not in a band until you’re in the band!

And, we made the point that one thing people don’t realise is that you need to be a working band for that to become a reality. Read the piece and it’ll make more sense.

This post on Live Unsigned takes a far more sensible and long-term approach and points out the advantages of staying in work whilst you either get ready for the leap to full-time working musician, or use that job to bolster your long-term DIY approach.

A lot of us want to be full time musicians, doing what we love all the time. However keeping your day job is often vital as the money and other benefits are really useful for musicians. Here are a few reasons to keep your day job, at least for a while:

It’s well worth a read.