I post a lot more about songwriting than a lot of ‘musician advice’ bloggers.

And, I know that a lot of my readers don’t bother to read it all or watch the videos.

BIG mistake!

The single common fatal flaw in 99% of the musicians that I have spent the last 20 years meeting is that they are, quite simply, shit.

They all also believe that their material is good enough for some level of success – usually global mega-fame is what they think they’re ready for.

And, in almost every case, their songs are woefully below the necessary standard – but they can’t see it or won’t admit to themselves.

Please, don’t let this be you.

Before you spend huge amounts of time listening to me and others about how to market and promote, invest a far greater amount of time in yourself and your craft.

I think the stuff I post about songwriting is the most important stuff I pass on.

This is the first of three videos from someone who has sold a lot of records as a songwriter. You can find the other two on the channel on YouTube that this is taken from.

If I needed to be sure that I was good enough songwriter, I’d spend some time watching these!


And here’s the direct link if the embed fails.