This is a relatively new service that I came across the other day. It gives everyone access to professional level mixing (and mastering) at an affordable (-ish) cost.

Many DIY musicians will know that the area of their material which mosts let them down when self-producing and releasing is the final mix.

I genuinely believe that mixing is one of those skills that really does require that 10,000 hours of practice to get right – to have learnt every little nuance. Some people definitely have an ear for it and can do a good job early in their ‘experience curve’ but most people take a very long time to actually be great at it.

Trust me, this is part of how I make a living. I have a world-class mixer on my roster!

But, finding someone with that level of skill for the unsigned artist has always been difficult, but it is now easier thanks to this site. They offer a graded range of fees depending on what you want and hopefully it is within range of most aspiring artists.

Go and check it out.