Not that sort of DIY – being a DIY musician!

We’ve looked at some examples of this on the main site such as this post on Hollerado – an archetype diy musician.

This post on the excellent UnsignedGuide blog talks to a bunch of people invoved in grass roots promotion and has loads of tips for bands taking the diy route – and who isn’t these days?

Once a maverick approach that worked for a handful of artistes, going it alone (or DIY) is fast becoming the only viable route to making any kind of significant progress.  It’s not about keeping all the money (what money?), but creating the action that might generate opportunities. Rob Sandall reports

Any emerging act will tell you that the only chance of making even a modest sum of money – at least initially – is by finding, promoting and playing as many shows as possible.

With record sales yielding little and some of the labels directionless and floundering, the DIY route of self-promotion has become less of an option and more of a necessity.

Read the whole post here.

I especaily like the tip about ‘gig hijacks’!