The problem with doing this music tip aggregating thing is that I find something and I don’t just post it – I root around and see what it’s all about.

Great stuff, since I can then apply it in my music marketing efforts for my clients, which is what it’s all about.

But, it eats up time.

I’ve not used Ustream before for any of my clients, although I am obviously aware of it and have seen colleagues do some good stuff.

Then, this article from Musician Coaching got so many ideas and questions going that I have spent half the morning digging around the Ustream site, the web and even calling people up who’ve used it!

They all love the experience and the feedback that they get from fans.

It’s not easy to just jump in and you want to spend time setting up a channel and working out how you want to use it, but the veiwers are there and the fan engagement is very strong.

It seems that everybody really likes the Ustream app on Facebook and reaching out to their fans before a broadcast on Facebook appears to be de rigeur.

As part of a broader new media strategy that these artists are employing, and a much more accessible profile to their fan base, I definitely think we fit into an important part of that. I do think when you talk about Twitter and Facebook, we all know the biggest artists out there that are updating those feeds, and they can be easily ghostwritten. But there’s no way to get in front of a video camera and replicate talking live to your fans. I definitely think there are some artists – and Nikki Minaj and also Trey Songz would be examples of that – who have used us as part of broader and more engaged policy with their fans, and then in conjunction with traditional media have broken through to the mainstream.

Read the whole piece here.

And wander about Ustream here.