Unless, that is, you are prepared to do it properly – which means A/B testing.

We’ve looked at Facebook Ads for musicians before, such as here

There’s lots of stuff about this just a Google away.

But, before you start, read this post on Hypebot.

I’ve run lots of Ads on Facebook and on Google Adwords and I’ve learnt to my cost that it is ALL about testing one add against another – called the ‘control’. It’s in doing this that you can refine the ad for maximum effectiveness and minimum cost.

Musicians are a suspicious lot. We tend to hold fast to our gut instincts. We heed the counsel of close friends and die-hard fans. We can be defensive and protective of our artistic “purity.” We’re afraid to do anything that smacks of out-and-out marketing.

But sometimes you shouldn’t trust yourself.

Sometimes you should ignore the advice of loved ones. Sometimes you just need to get scientific about things.

Trust the numbers! They don’t lie.

A/B testing allows artists to try out variable options in an advertising campaign so you know how to best direct your efforts.

Read the piece here.