After the 50th anniversay of the Beatles playing the Cavern Club yesterday I watched a documentary about it on TV last night.

A part of the show was about the sacking of Pete Best – which many felt was handled in a shabby way.

And there’s great debate about why he was sacked. Looking into it today, I think that this Wikipedia piece has the best version of events.

Also reading that reminded me that when I was still a music lawyer I had a meeting one day at Apple with Neil Aspinall – the Beatles Apple boss – but who only worked for them at all as he had been Pete Best’s mate. That’s a story for another day but I do remember being squashed in this tiny three person lift with him, able to palpably feel the resonance of music history!

Name drop over.

So, why should you care why Pete Best was dropped from the Beatles – did he not get on with others? Was it that he was too quiet, didn’t mix, wouldn’t do drugs? Was it that he got too much attention from the female fans? Was it that he wasn’t a good enough drummer? – read the Wiki piece for thoughts on all those.

What matters though is that for some reason, the other Beatles felt that he had to go in order for their band to get the chance they deserved at success.

And that’s what matters to you.

Can you make tough decisions about your act if you know deep down that they’re holding you back.

I wrote about this as a piece about artist development on the main blog.

Check it out here.