Bob Baker has started a new audio interview series talking to artists who are making it as a DIY musician.

First up is David Nevue who has been making a living in that way for over 10 years – and has written a great book on online music marketing.

I’ll link to it below again, but I’d urge you to seriously consider buying it. It was the first thing I bought on how to market and promote music online – must have been over 4 years ago. I have had the updated versions free twice since and it just keeps getting better.

$25 for a vast amount of very good and bang up to date information – I guaranteee that if you did buy it and use any of the information in even a half-arsed way, you’d pay for it many, many times over.

Anyway – here’s the link to the interview on Bob’s site. It’s great and I’d suggest downloading it and listening to it in the car or something. It’s got some great nuggets of advice.

Here’s the link for the book again.