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I wrote about the need to focus on your local scene for online and offline networking in the 5th part of our Twitter series on the main site – Twitter for musicians. It’s point 23 and I think it’s REALLY important.

Although that piece talks about using Twitter and interacting on that service with players in your local scene, I also talked a little about transferring that to the real world. The venue owner, the sound guy, the local guitar shop, record store, local paper journo – these are all people you need to get to know in your local scene.

But, there’s also a whole load of very niche focused small local blogs that cover ‘what’s on’ or music in your town, state, area – whatever.

This article / interview on Hypebot about the importance of hyperlocal music blogging made me think about this relatively recent addition to the ranks of players that you need to be talking to.

Hyperlocal music blogs are important because they encourage fans to become active participants in their cultural lives; document the happenings in local ecologies of music culture; foster communities that support creativity; and raise awareness for regional artists among like-minded fans with similar tastes in music. In what ways do hyperlocal blogs encourage fans to become active participants in their cultural lives? How does blogging benefit regional artists and help to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem of local music culture?

You can read that piece here.

A simple Google Blog search for ‘your area / town + music (or live music)’ should throw up a bunch of people that you ought to reach out to.

And for a superb ‘how to’ on reaching out to bloggers to promote your music – get this free pdf from Chris Bracco at the Tight Mix Blog.