It’s that lot at MicControl again – they just know how to make a great post and get everyone chiming in.

Jon Ostrow wrote that educating yourself is the key to success – in anything. He’s right of course and he and I (and a host of others) are out there giving advice to try and help with that.

But there are some cracking books that you ought to pick up and read. He began a list of 10, but others have joined in and there are now over 40 mentioned in the comments. I’ve read a lot of them but will be buying a load that I haven’t.

Maybe you should too.

Educating yourself is the key to understanding how you should work, how your fans will work and how the industry works as a collective. It is a necessary step in your progression to look at what others have found to work, or in some cases what have not worked, so you can formulate a proper strategy. No matter what aspects of your music career you are strategizing, it is crucial to not only look at what works for bands and artists, but what also has worked for companies and brands in other industries.  

While there are a seemingly endless amount of excellent and highly-recommended blogs to do just that, sometimes it’s good to refer to an expert, by picking up a book, shutting out the rest of the world (both digital and physical included) and soak up all of the knowledge you can.

Read the recommended list here.