I’m not sure that pursuit of fitness was what OK Go had in mind when they made that video, but I like this article that several people mentioned the other day and I hadn’t had a chance to read.

I’ve worked with some artists who have obsessed about keeping fit and healthy and some who’d well and truly flipped the physical self-destruct switch, and I know which I prefer.

Of course, if you keep body and mind in tip top shape you’re more likely to be able to focus and acheive your aims.

Every musician knows that practicing your instrument is a crucial part of any professional career. But most musicians have no clue about what it takes to prepare their bodies for a tour or a performance on stage.

You can have all the ability in the world with your instrument but if you’ve got no stamina physically to perform each and every night, no one will ever know how talented you are.

It takes a great deal of energy and strength to perform on stage night in and night out. You’ve got to prepare your body just as much as you prepare your instrument. Consider it an essential piece of equipment that if neglected, will render your performances worthless if not taken care of.

Here are the 5 Keys to a successful fitness regiment for any performing musician. Each key can be dealt with in great length but here are a few major points on each.

Read the list here.