You might think that there’s nothing for you to learn from Bieber.

You’re wrong.

I’m no fan of his or of globally marketed pop fodder, but I’m not going to say it’s all crap either.

Sure, he had the laser focus of a very talented manager and was signed to a powerhouse label soon enough – and it’s teen pop.

BUT, it WAS his shaky YouTube performances that got him the attention of the connected manager. And then the connected manager quickly put his talent in front of the right people. This article has a good and accurate chronology.

And then he used social media very well – enagaging fans and being there with an @reply for them.

But, the three things that I think Bieber can teach any musician are:

1. Work on your talent – he can sing and play unusually well for a pop hearthrob. He’s not Mantovani, but that ability adds to his artistic depth; and

2. Be dedicated and work REALLY hard. He is dedicated – hence how he can play multiple instruments and puts the hours in to promoting himself, both in the way his label and manager work him hard and the way he interacts online; and

3. Put yourself out there. On YouTube. The place where everyone now goes to find music.

I wrote this piece after seeing this in Billboard and the video clip from his biopic that’s coming up.

I know that he is being worked by the label, but this is the amount of work you need to do to be who he is. How much can you be bothered to do?

See the Billboard piece and the video here if it’s not embedded below.