Dan Kruchkow knows his shit.

He does digital marketing for a major US management company – Crush Management – see their clients at that link.

In this interview at Musician Coaching he talks about various elements of a music marketing strategy that we can all learn from. We have a great step-by-step plan for download on the main site if you haven’t seen that as well – Music Marketing pdf.

What about methods of delivery for that message? Are there a handful that you think are absolutely required at this stage?


They’re almost standard equipment at this point:  a Facebook profile; a Twitter account; a YouTube profile. And Tumblr’s a huge community that the entire industry has started gravitating towards in the past year or so. The entire hip hop industry is moving over to Tumblr as we speak. I think the official website for the artist, when done right, is really important as well.

Read the whole interview here.