I wrote about Bln.kr in the Dailies and then in the latest part of our Twitter music Promotion guide – please check it out if you haven’t yet.

Well, Bln.kr have launched the ‘tweet for a track’ (which, in fact, is also a Facebook share for a track service as well) in a bit of a private Beta.

I am loving their whole service and can see it being a default for rapid sharing online. In fact, if you’re not going for the paid option that the actual Tweet for a Track site offers, in order to collect the email addresses of downloaders, then I don’t see why you’d choose that service now over Bln.kr. Bln.kr offers more and is adding new stuff all the ntime.

Check out their video of this particular bit of the service.



If you want to get on and use it, it seems that at the moment this isn’t available on their site and you’ll need to email them at feedback@bln.kr. Obviously, this will be an on-site faeture in the very near future.