You might’ve seen this mentioned on Mashable the other day, but I was just checking it out as it fits in the last part of my now delayed but mammoth series of posts on ‘Twitter for musicians‘. allows you to upload tracks and then spread them across all your social network profiles with one click. The Pro version (currently free for 30 days) has some additional functionality.

Mashable had this to say: is kind of like Hootsuite for bands — a platform that allows musicians to share a song across Facebook, Twitter, etc, as well as track how fans are digging their jams.

The service is rather simple to use: Sign up for a Pro account ($10 per month), and connect to social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube). Upload a track, add a title, cover image, category, tags and download setting (it’s also possible to enable a “Track for a Tweet”-esque feature, which is pretty cool), add a custom message to one’s share and go for it. One click lets a person share the track to all of his or her networks.

Read the whole Mashable post here.

And here’s their video explaining the service.