MicControl delivering the goods again on this one.

I advise my clients to write at least two posts per week on their site and, usually, to email their list once a week pointing them at those two posts (and perhaps something to buy as well). Sure, some artists think once a week is too much email, but I think once a month isn’t enough – so pick something between the two that you feel comfortable with. See my posts on building and using your fan email list for more on that.

Whatever you decide, they key is to have really engaging stuff on your site for them to read!

Jon Ostrow has come up with some great ideas of things that you can talk about in this post.

However, the very real problem that many musicians run into with blogging is that they misinterpret their need to blog as just another form of self-promotion. 

But creating a blog as a musician does not inherently mean it needs to be about yourself. In fact, it’s actually more beneficial for you if you avoid writing about yourself… people tend to hate narcissism more than anything else in the world.

So what SHOULD you write about then? Well, why not write about other aspects of your passion for music. You are a fan right? You are exploring the inter-workings of the music industry right? You have tried and failed a bazzillion times right? Well write some of that down! People are always on the look out for new blogs that tell it like it is. This could be a great way for you to expand your networking into the blogosphere and establish meaningful relationships with those who can actually help you build a credible name!

The following are a few ideas to help you get the brainstorming session started, but please feel free to add more ideas below in the form of a comment:

Read John’s list of 10 tips here. 

I’d add that it’s also important to be actively involved in the comments on the site too – discussing things back and forth with your fans is great engagement!