This is a crackingly good reference on how to use Bandcamp for your band.

Bandcamp is one of he best options for running your own digital sales from your own site and other online presences. We thoroughly recommend it.

Enter Bandcamp, a service that allows musicians to price and sell their work as they see fit, in whatever digital format they choose. This user-defined pricing scheme puts a great deal of control in the hands of artists, albeit at the cost of a profit percentage that goes to the site. In essence, a user’s sales fund the service’s operations, which in turn aim to help market and sell the musician better. It’s a trade-off that has proven to be a powerful tool for accomplished musicians such as Sufjan Stevens and Amanda Palmer. But Bandcamp can benefit the less established as well — as long as they’re willing to accept the compromise. Read on to see if Bandcamp’s innovative business model is your key to freedom from the shackles of iTunes’ uniform pricing, or just another shady tactic from the record industry.

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