It’s all very well listening to me, and others who do the same thing as me, witter (or twitter) on about how you should promote and market your music.

But, what if we’re all wrong?

Well, thankfully the lovely people at Nielsen have gone and worked out the latest facts about how people are consuming music and interacting with artists. So, not only can you listen to our advice, but you can also be safe in the knowledge that hard data is backing up our recommendations.

This has been summarised very well in this piece on Music Think Tank – which is therefore well worth a read. As they point out, once you know that three times as much music is consumed by watching videos on YouTube as by legal downloading, you’d be a muppet not to get amongst it on YouTube – wouldn’t you?

If you want the full data, you’ll be needing to hand over your email address for the full report on the Midem site.