This is an interesting new app that could really take off on Facebook.

If you use SoundCloud, you’ll know that the most listened to, shared and downloaded tracks or mixes are crammed full of annotations by listeners.

Clicking them and reading what people say about a track or a mix is one of the most compelling things about listening to stuff on SoundCloud. It’s brilliant fan engagement. A mix or track with lots of annotation is also getting loads of social proof that makes you want to see why people are bothering to leave a note.

So, what if you could do this with video?

Well, that’s what this app, BlipSnips, does. It’s only a Facebook or iPhone app for now but it allows you to upload any video to Facebook and share it for that kind of tagging.

Seeing how this works at SoundCloud, I think this could be massive on Facebook.

More and more users are sharing video through Facebook, whether by dropping in links or uploading their own clips. Facebook is the fastest-growing referrer of video traffic, and users are beginning to upload videos to the site in higher numbers as well. And now a new iPhone and Facebook app aims to give you even more reasons to use Facebook as a video hosting destination.

The app, called BlipSnips, allows users to tag videos along the timeline. This is huge, because under the default Facebook uploader, users can only list friends who appear somewhere in the clip  Now, with BlipSnips, you can tag the exact moment on the video timeline when they appear on camera. Sweet.

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