We’ve written about the power of NPR in building awareness for new artists before.

In fact, it seems to have such a bearing on initial awareness in the US that we hope to talk to the folks at NPR and bring you some ‘how to’ info on getting on their radar. We’ll keep you posted.

For now, this is a news piece on why their listeners are early adopters and the sort of people that you want to be reaching. Although they have a terrestrial following in the States they can really help your online music promotion as their flagship shows are broadcast on the web.

With so many music options available to listeners at any given moment, breaking a new act is more challenging than ever. Even the perfect alignment of mainstream press and promo — say, a Rolling Stone feature, a performance on Conan or a video in rotation on one of the MTV channels — won’t necessarily add to an artist’s bottom line.

But during the past decade, one media outlet has proved to be incredibly effective in connecting a band with its target audience, prompting an instant sales bump and, most important, spreading the word: National Public Radio. Arcade Fire, Florence + the Machine and Vampire Weekend are just some of the indie acts that owe much of their crossover success to the member-supported network, which boasts an audience of 34 million, according to Arbitron, along with a devoted online following.

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