Billboard launched their Social 50 chart a month or so ago – and it got a fair bit of stick for not throwing up many new faces – obviously, the most talked about artists in social media are the biggest anyway!

So, they’ve hit back with the ‘Uncharted’ Chart. To qualify, you need to fulfill a bunch of ‘we’ve not been mentioned or charted before criteria’ and you need to have a profile on MySpace Music – so that’s most artists covered.

The placings are then worked out by counting social media data using Next Big Sound – covering plays on MySace and YouTube, Twitter numbers etc.

Unlike the Social 50, I think this chart has a real chance of exposing emerging talent to the denizens of the ‘old school’ industry who do still take trade mags like Billboard seriously.

As we said before on the Social 50, I’d make sure to fill in my profile at Next Big Sound and have that profile on MySpace, so that I qualified as you never know if you might make their chart and get noticed from there.

Read their own post about it here.