We looked at Viinyl when it was first released a month ago, and now Chris Bracco has written a great ‘how to’ piece on his blog.

It’s undoubtedly a great addition to the myriad methods that you now have available for online music promotion, but one that stands out for it’s simplicity in both idea and use. I recommend it highly.

Viinyl is a fairly new service that popped up in late 2010 that allows you to create “song-based websites.” They ended up being one of my top picks for 2010′s most interesting and innovative music start-ups, and I’d like to dive a bit deeper into the free service with this post.

If you ever find yourself wanting to promote a single, using Viinyl is an excellent way to provide your fans with a rich media experience surrounding a single song. In this post, I want to show you how you create a one-song web page with Viinyl, and how you can link to it via a subdomain on your official website (e.g. “singleimpromoting.mywebsite.com”).

Check out the whole method here.