Image by Tobin Voggesser

What an amazing place for a gig?

That’s what I thought when I read this piece. I had to contact the photographer who let me use the pic to find out where it is – it’s the Powellapalooza music festival at Lake Powell in the US.

I know you’re going to want to know!

But the piece is why you’re here. This post from FanManager sets out sensible steps to take to get your band booked on festivals this summer – and now is when you need to start working on this as line-ups are already being booked and finalised.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin, acting as the talent buyer for 2 festivals and as a booking agent focused on festivals performances for a roster of 12 nationally touring artists. There are definitely some tricks to the trade for getting your artist onto a festival lineup. Here are some recommendations that will steer you towards successful festival bookings.

If your artist is nationally known and desired, most of the information below will likely not apply. If you are reaching out to the appropriate festivals, you’ll make a call or shoot over an email and negotiations will begin if the festival has interest in your artist. Better yet, the festival talent buyer will contact you.

Read the whole piece here.

Then find festivals and get chasing!