We looked at Facebook tagging a while ago in this post.

It opened my eyes to a tactic that very few people use on Facebook.

But, now, Mari Smith – an expert on all things Facebook who we’ve referred to before –  has written a post that is really a full guide on how to use ‘@ tags’. Her angle is about businesses using it, but it applies to musicians too – probably better in fact.

Tagging your Facebook friends in photos is one of the most ingenious and popular features on the site. Tagging friends in Notes is another use of tags, though used less often than photos. In September 2009, Facebook broadened this tagging feature by allowing users to tag friends, pages, groups, events and apps in status updates and posts. This type of tagging is referred to as an “@ tag.”

But, the big deal isn’t in tagging photos or the like, it’s in using tags to spread your posts right on to massive traffic fan page walls. There’s a right and a wrong way to do this – basically spam will make you look like a twat.

Mari has the lowdown – read her post here – and use the technique.