Image by Alex E.Proimos

I just got off the phone with an old friend who didn’t know what we had been doing with Make It In Music.

I had released a great record for her maybe 10 years ago – she’s talented and definitely not stupid, but she is rubbish with technology! I’m not going to embarass her though and point you in her direction.

Why? Two reasons. First, she doesn’t have a website for her music for me to point you to!!!!! Second, I’m not taking the piss out of anyone – we all have lots to learn.

The thing is, she is totally capable of doing what she needs to do with technology – everyone is – she just needs to believe it and give it a go.

She has a new album about to be self-released and was calling me up for some of the cuff advice on how to promote it – when it transpired that she had no website and that her email list was in her email client and she emailed them all by using ‘BCC’, we didn’t get to any promotion advice!

I told her to drop everything, build a website that gave away music in exchange for email addresses and then worry about promotion!

Here’s the email I just sent her after we spoke:

Buy your domain name here – Namecheap

You’ll need to point the domain name to the hosting you buy – this is called Nameservers. Search their support FAQ or Google.

Buy hosting here – Hostgator

It is relatively easy to install wordpress on the hosting and make that your site – you’re looking for ‘Fantastico Deluxe’ icon in the hosting control panel. Again – look at their FAQ and talk to support – they are ace.

In your position – look at Nimbit. Maybe use their instant website – Nimbit

This has it all – digital and physical sales, exchanging an email address for songs for free, website theme. And it will grow with you.

You must put your email addresses in a system – if you don’t go with Nimbit, for you I like FanBridge.

I normally recommend Aweber –  but knowing your fear of technology I think you’ll worry about having emails in one place and site stuff in another – although, again their support is ace and it is actually easy to use.

Then on your Facebook page use DamntheRadio – which links with FanBridge or RootMusic’s BandPage – which doesn’t, but I’d use that if you’ve gone Nimbit. Nimbit also has stuff that works in Facebook.

The key is – band website, email system collecting names – interact with the fans as you do already. Give free music and get them involved.

Come back to me when that’s in place and we’ll talk about promotion!

So, I hope she’s doing that right now.

I forget that there are people who should know better who aren’t even doing this basic step. And many are super talented.

Please send them to read this post!